North Lincolnshire Music 
And Drama Festival (Brigg)
(Registered Charity No: 1037447)
(Affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech of which Her Majesty the Queen is Patron)
The North Lincolnshire (Brigg) Music and Drama Festival began in 1900 as the Musical Competitions, founded by Lady Winefride Elwes, wife of the internationally acclaimed tenor, Gervase Elwes. Apart from two World Wars and a very short period in the fifties, our Festival has continued, year after year to attract entries in Music and Drama classes. In 2020 we celebrate our 100th Festival.

We are extraordinarily fortunate in this rural area to have such a longstanding cultural legacy, which is well respected nationally in the performing arts world. Indeed a good number of our performers have gone on to forge professional careers in the arts.

Our young people are our future and the world is their stage. We at Brigg Festival believe that each of our performers has taken away from our Festival not just a few friends and happy memories, but something that will greatly benefit them in future years.

Our Festival is a member of the British and International Federation of Festivals.
History of the North Lincolnshire (Brigg) Festival